The Complete Animal Catalog (2001​-​2006)

by Animal

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This is a collection of the entire Animal catalog in chronological order by release date from 2001-06. Outside of one studio recording experiment (the studio version of Beast With A Gun found on Light Trucks) all of these songs were home recordings on a 4-track. They were then packaged by hand onto CDs and released under the Executive Bird label. A few tracks in the catalog come from contributions to compilations released by other labels.

Tracks 1-8: Solid Settlements, 2001
Tracks 9-12: Bridge To Registry EP, 2002
Tracks 13-22: Country Slicker, 2002
Track 23: Hey Baby, I'm Just About Starving Tonight, Comp 7", Monoculture Records 010, 2003
Tracks 24-35: Light Trucks, 2003
Tracks 36-45: Sawn Creator, 2004
Tracks 46-47: EP Club #8, Asaurus Records, 2004
Tracks 48-51: Whisper Cream EP, 2005
Tracks 52-60: Deaf Ox, 2005
Tracks 61-62: First-Hand Accounts, ITAV Records 004, 2006
Track 63: unreleased demo, 2006


released January 31, 2012

Tracks 1-22, 24-49, 52-63 written by Aaron Nemec.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Drum Kit / Animal West Lafayette, Indiana

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Track Name: The Gas-Up Down Below
you've only got one bottle/you've only got one blow/from here on out there's just one place to go/polish up your buckle, spit shine your soul/you're going to the gas-up down below/don't say you've been bored/ i know how you've thought about it before/pack up your duffle, kiss the floor goodbye/you're going to the mattress in the sky/my plaid can of spray paint won't color you blue or grey/and i got a tie that'll never match that shirt/if you could tell them, tell them what you know/they'd raise their fists and pull out the grass you mow/you've only got one bottle, you've only got one blow/from here on out there's just one place to go
Track Name: Poolish Fjords
(sea river stream me)/so i wait this stream into the river/she got lost inside the poolish fjords/to make it back recall a certain order/the order will not change and nevermore/first the sea/then the river/then the stream/and then me
Track Name: Little Sensitive Guy
surely someone's missing me/little sensitive guy/surely sensitive i be, but i keep it on the inside/all this hard work should get me somewhere/fur coats get far but what do i care/responsive to your needs/all the lights are rough off a break so long when you turn them on/you can hold your head so high i beg to be warm/bad bad hoosier, graceful loser, sexy boozer/deceitful and deceit/i want to get away from my shell
Track Name: The Rabbit Farm
anna won't let him go, but that's how it's gotta be/he's only four inches tallyou still treat him like he's three/anna don't let him go/if a pat on the back is too much to ask/then this'll never be my home/look through the crack/peeking out behind the door/is it cool on the floor, but hard on your elbow/and i won't let her go tearing out the cables/and i won't let her go underneath the table/underneath the table chewing up the cables/underneath the table you can sleep all you want/i've got hidden layers/layers you will never see/i've been in this fence before, but never with company/and i won't let her go tugging at the carpet/ she says she once belonged to/to a rabbit farmer/he only keeps her mother/she has twenty brothers/you know you really outta chew that cord
Track Name: Speaking In Present Tense
you used to say that you couldn't hear me/well maybe you couldn't hear me, cause I'm listening/you say I never talk about future the way I used to/because it's happening now./your dress reminds me of my car/your hair looks good to me, i'm taking you far/we used to laugh at our problems saying /it's no problem, that was yesterday/pulling seperate facts about issues/well, baby, here's your tissue/cause i'm listening now/you can blame me all you want/it's too late to fix it now, but you're wrong/in just a year you will go with me/we'll find a place to stay near the waterway
Track Name: Solid Settlements
warm waves invite you again/trees sway beneath your jetty wind/the ice in your cola/ice is colder than water/ red going to your head /what do you know/a bird can only fly so far flying coach/oh solid settlements where'd you go/memories desert you till the end/harsh words won't get through, but they will/ and this phrase could kill you: my sweater feels just like a nest/ red going to your head/what do you know/ the south includes Jamaica/oh solid settlements where'd you go
Track Name: On My List
Hey girl, what did you do to me/Don't you know you're screwing with royalty/Don't fret about the better days/once they come they'll be o.k./You better check your pulse before you rewrite all the things that you said/no one needs their own neck unless they've got their very own head/oh girl, only time is true
it pardons the crook and heals all our precious wounds/you must not forget this/you'll always be on my list
Track Name: Mini Seas
i was full of green when i was three/it turned red at just about seventeen/wooden bridges caves of steel, i was a raider/our only rivals were gorillas/just another miniature sea/OJ on the combat zone, taking every lifeform home/i was turning grey around thirteen/the empire wasn't much apart from me/i became a public bird, they named me Falcon/it was an end and a beginning/just another miniature sea/orange juice on the Commodore, taking every lifeform home/i can't feel the way that i felt yesterday/but i remember you
Track Name: Bridge To Registry
Wild all the time across the bridge of maple street /And when I die will I already be /the colonel in the South / the shoes on Hitler's feet /when I die take me to the bridge of maple street /Deep within /Chief of sin though I be/Cool water cleans and leaves the color in me /Said it once before and I'll say it once again /When I die I will take the bridge to registry /Break and bend /I got sin /But I have a coast if I'm just an island /If there is only one sentence in this book /then it ends with the bridge to registry
Track Name: Frail Bones
The pain that you feel/you can't smell the flowers when they've grown /You bark at the beetle /who walks by your bowl alone /Frail bones /autumn in the forest /you can't drag a leg from the swamp /slow in the hallway
quiet and we won't get caught /Frail bones /Your breath in my face is what awakes me /You would never say that I was wrong /When I hold you I can feel you shaking /I'm just glad the shaking is not gone /Frail bones
Track Name: Building a Fence
Great wall of wood hold us till we remember /One day it will hold a horse and her members /For crying out loud what did you do /I built this fence for you /I'm building a fence /Oh, piano fingers grow a hive in the ground /So when we play they survey over keys of sound /Stay in all night /Stay in all day /I built this fence for you
Track Name: Rid of it Again
choke on a bone /fall from a tree /take a bullet through the head /go to a lake /hide on the floor /there's a place to make amends /I don't care if he's good company /they should be alone instead /If I ever see that ugly face /I'll get rid of it again /he may sink low /or stay afloat /is he breathing in the end /salt of the earth /mother of all please forgive the things I've said /I just want for you to stay with me /I don't care if you're just friends / but if I ever see that ugly face /I'll get rid of it again
Track Name: No Action
You're breaking my heart/You're breaking my lungs/I'm taking a vacation with my organs/We must adhere inside the states /Shouldn't heaven let 'em in/In the Appalachians down in Tennessee/Christ in a garden/There are the disciples/You found a place/You can relax/Well, there's guts inside of me/Sugar shack may sound familiar/I keep my brains in the back/When you were gone a toad moved in/took some photos/watched a dying butterfly/It looks as if he is in pain/Shouldn't heaven let him in
Track Name: With My Tuner
Found out playing one day with my tuner/it was three days sooner then me older/Monday I was younger/Tuesday I was playing around/This weeks gonna put me in the gutter/then I'm gonna have to face another/Wednesday I am older/Thursday no more playing around
Track Name: Inn Ohio
I've spent consecutive weeks in Ohio/back when disco and discount/before the dust could settle out the window/see the red van leaving town/roll in at night/the shadows and dice/before death was even known/Down the alley to the store with your money/pass a kennel along the way/across the street is an empty old brick school/Seattle Slew was from these parts/let's walk on the map of the states/play with the diesel pumps/the air is crisp/the field is brown/some days we miss you and some we know you're still there/your sleeve holds a tissue and you care/Under the oaks of a suburb in Ohio/walk to the courts up on the cliff/see the ramps for the skaters/they are legal, but stay off the railroad tracks/blow out a knee in a game/pray that we'll always stay /in Ohio forevermore
Track Name: Beast With A Gun
When I see you a factory/jewelry round the cityscape/I've come to steal your face/Should we go through the details of you/folds and creases round your eye/the hair inside your ears/you'll die in symmetry /minds that smote you/they adore you/the books rename you A Beast With A Gun/When I see you /a machine you/call out sugar no reply/she's filled with holy blood/the height of my shoes/tassles on boots/pull up cause that shit is deep /a promise is to keep/my gloves could kill you/let's play Nintendo/I'll surely beat you/88 was A Beast With A Gun
Track Name: Thoroughbred
I feel bad tell me the things I wanna hear/You're too nice, but i saw the light when it appeared/This sack is made of fine woven linen/I feel cash and smell the bank atmosphere/living in a hole/riding my foal/this thoroughbred goes when I say now/I feel bad the sediments setting/That's for sure before I didn't have any/A few sad lines will make an emmy ending/I feel bad when the glass cuts through my skin/I began to curdle/I began to bleed/Grabbed my saddle /things that I need/A blanket for a better night when I sleep/Tell me the things I wanna hear now
Track Name: Bad Acts
I'm a shaker/layers of mortar in my spine/crackin everytime I feel it could/I'm electric /on the hour every hour/in the end these acts won't do me good/there's ghosts in my living room tearing off upholstery/and the framework is functionaly right/one of these wood boards will haunt your back tonight /I'm broken /the subject stole the slouch/take it in the back and blame it on the couch/it's not the fact of a disease /it's their eyes of disbelief/why do you hurt yourself/it's money you see/half the rent with a check/pay the other with my back/there's a hammer in my neck/nail a lease to the address/I'm a mover in a hollow industry/In the end bad acts won't do you good
Track Name: The Birds
How did you fill the lot over half a scone/separate the eggs and yolks /send them crying home with the birds/ This is a civil service/this is a proud brigade/we're strapped inside a Chevy truck/on our way to feed the birds/two more I am wishing/one that I will grow/the other is to feed you/in the parking lot with the birds
Track Name: Nights in Satan's Service
Pretty soon my foot will get inside the door/and I won't need your reference anymore/Pretty soon I'm break out of this spell/sending every demon back to hell/Met a sparkplug when I met a mini bike/the troubled kid named Bobby down the road/Watched my older brothers sray paint the body white/my cousin popped a wheely down the hill/In time your face will meet you/Yesterday I sent a letter to the state/they're sending back a sticker for a plate/Nights in Satan's service till then I will drive/the plate will bring me back alive/In time your face will meet you
Track Name: Springer Spaniel
When I sleep I feel your heart beating/When you dream I see your feet shaking/Follow you down the dusty road/meet you in the neighbor's yard/The river's cold aren't you a swimmer/No, I'm a beginner/I watch TV/I don't care for water/feeling better/Spring through the grass /runt of a litter/The scent of a man turns you bitter/Springer spaniel/Sixteen candles/You and me are the best of companions/Your private life what are you dreaming/About the day you last saw your mother/She dreams of you/Follow her through the fields of corn/ten before me days you were born
Track Name: Stay In School
I pack loosely/I move swiftly/I make leaves speak cause I speak leaf/Conversations about liberty/Should you listen to the maple tree/I can form you out of snowballs/Conversations were meant to be/I am shook-up/I make rocks talk/I go to high school/I can’t help it/obligations to the governor/I have sworn to love her/should you listen to the boulder/I wish I had a deep voice
Track Name: Direction
The direction of your finger always points straight down/this year is my senior/keeps me hanging round/the raven and the pitcher/the duck and the athlete cardinal/why’d you put your foot down at the table/why’d you put your finger in the mashed potato
Track Name: How Bout Now
Calm down/shut your mouth/I wanna hear the slow burn/we can fish a log from the water/scrap our plans and bury the mower/calm down/you said you wanted to love/how bout now/old world you’re a wildcat/a female/a lion/how much is that tombstone in the window/I can haul it off round the corner in my wagon/you said you wanted to live/how bout now
Track Name: Full Metal Briefcase
I came to see you with the old rap cassette/please let me name you Sick Scarf and DJ Mitt/Our static is dashboard thunder/Full metal briefcase/black and white photos/concrete and alley shots/got a few shout outs/keep my friends in cargo pants and keep my enemies closer/full metal briefcase
Track Name: Go Beached Whales
Check out the castle I’m making/when you’re mad I’ll destroy it for you/if my breath is emission/what will bring the oxygen back/beach whales on the shore/anchors on the ocean floor/sound alarm a metal bell to you/go beached whales/I was shaved by an eagle then I blew him up for the school/caught the mascot of our rivals/shot him in video and we’ll sue/beached whales on the shore/fractions of dinosaurs steaming out the creases for you/go beached whales
Track Name: But It's Not Easy
It’s not a critical condition/of this couch I am smitten/and I’ve heard about ambition/but it’s not easy tonight/defrost the freezer there’s nothing better to do/I can’t think without my shoes/it’s not easy to defrost tonight
Track Name: I Was Wrong
Emphysema and dentures what else you got for me/I seen your mom’s container/I elbowed it to the bathroom floor/I thought it was for your retainer/but I was wrong about everything and anything that whole weekend/but I was wrong about your neighbors/they weren’t neighbors just friendly people/ammonia and bleach I clean with equal parts of each/and yes, you can borrow my adapter/I left it somewhere up on the second floor/no wait, that would be the attic/but I was wrong about your basement/I entrusted it with too many people/but I was wrong about the adapter it’s your adapter not my adapter/I’ve pumped the last flood I’ll pump
Track Name: Proper Lines and Time
My veteran band is in it’s prime/I’ve prepared proper lines and time/a turtle bass/a bass on keys/lamprey guitar/and a rat on drums/my rockets don’t enflame anymore/burst in red glare the dollar store/we’ve followed my lines though wrong my hand is slow/
Track Name: Tex
Russ I want to add one thing/telemetry stream/pine tree curtain there/parts of machinery/now keep this in mind/it really dropped like stone/what we have here/ large amounts of debris spread all over TX/Russ the shuttle did in fact/a high-risk venture/citizens call in/tamper with debris/1986
Track Name: Rural Route
nothing to see/nothing to do/can i ride your sister's bike to the pool/dead men tell no tales/i covet everything every single day/nothing to prove/i lie for us/though i know you think i'm gay in eighth/prove them wrong and spit them/cause it's them who said you won't/and you say to yourself over and over/do you think about killing/i do/think about stealing from you/but i dont/what good is a best friend when a lesser friend is the only one/i dominate your nerf rim/and i swim where you won't
Track Name: Uphill Spector
while you were sleeping i hit genius in your cupboard/dee dee complained about guns put to his head/switches twitch and jackets itch there's comfort in our shame/we could write a number oneand play guns everyday/while you were sleeping i packed ice into your kettle/while you were sleeping i shook quarters from your bro/building uphill/wall of sound and spector to your name/i will put your leather down and play guns everyday
Track Name: Beast With A Gun (studio version)
When I see you a factory/jewelry round the cityscape/I've come to steal your face/Should we go through the details of you/folds and creases round your eye/the hair inside your ear/you'll die in symmetry /minds that smote you/they adore you/the books rename you A Beast With A Gun/When I see you /a machine you/piping arms of iron ore/she's filled with holy blood/the height of my shoes/tassles on boots/pull up cause that shit is deep /a promise is to keep/my gloves could kill you/let's play Nintendo/I'll surely beat you/88 was A Beast With A Gun/ those convert you / leaves move like rabbits / Don King deserts you / that royal snake was a beast with a gun
Track Name: To The Future
I’m sending a box with a book of my life to the future/it’s written in stone and weighs about ten hundred pounds/the Chinese will translate it to their own language/and the ancient world will learn about me/born in Ohio/I’ve got brown hair/did a report/Pete Maravich in seventh grade/I’m sending a can of my second hand slang to the fifties/I wrote about this in chapter five of the book/the worst dream: my family was vampires/I woke up and snuck downstairs to the bathroom in the dark/to make sure no one heard me/to make sure no one knew me
Track Name: Give Me One More Day
drowned in high desert with some Dakota at my back/I’ve rolled through many plains and suffered the attack/I’ve lived to regret things you can’t understand/give me one last day then let me live again/give me one more day/let me learn from mistakes made before/I got a cold shoulder from the desert I turned away/take me to the punch line I’ve said all I can say/I gave nothing less than the best I ever could/draw the curtain/lock the door I’m done for good/give me no more days/let me die I’m feeling no good
Track Name: I Got A Knife
I got a knife incase I need it/holding the can when I had supped it/I said: see my knife? Watch me sharpen it/the water is black and smooth like a mirror/you’re a boat and I’m a swimmer/you’re a pro/I’m a beginner/the lake is a little wider when we’re in it/a coffin will not catch my common cold/I got a knife/my hands are dirty/I got a knife/my brow is sweaty/I said: it’s hot tonight/the fire’s just an oven/I got a knife incase I need it/you’re a flame and I am dry wood/breaking through the grass/the edge of the forest/the trees are brighter when we’re in it
Track Name: Washington D.C.
Thought about you constantly/so why’d you cut your hair/I wonder if you’ve seen the stones I see/the capital/the Lincoln memorial/and other memorials /Washington DC/wide rivers like a lake/ours winds like a snake/compared to Queen it’s relatively straight/the trestle bridge is safe again/Washington DC/you’re such a pretty government/when’d you get so big/we the people hold these truths to be/the people receive thy king/Washington DC
Track Name: Mint and Clean
you’re mine/I’m yours/I’ve seen the tears you show/I mine minerals and cut them into gold/deadlines don’t stand in my way/the calendar is mint and clean everyone/true love will hold you/only your funeral molds you/our hymns are spoken/silence is all but broken/I was alive in my previous life/now in death I’m mint and clean everyone/my dogs are barking/my herald angels harking/the kids are listening/ fishers of men are fishing/magnify with thanks and say/new breath is mint and clean everyone
Track Name: Then I Emptied The Gutter
c’mon darling/c’mon home/I’m I big old buzzard on the telephone/king of the forest and I’ve got some acreage for you/you live in the city/I live in the jungle/it’s much too quiet for a Saturday night/let’s plug in our mics and amplify the songs in our heads/I’ve been flying over trees/I sing the songs inside of me/I built a nest in your gutter/my hatchling drowned because it rained/my lips responded no words/then I emptied the gutter/c’mon darling/c’mon home/the walls are brick and the chimney is stone/there’s a little eagle above the front door for you/the matches are pretty/the decor so witty/the forest looks good with whatever we do/we flew what we could fly/we did what we must do
Track Name: Moth To The Flame
skilled labor do a favor/create a clean heart inside of me/a messenger/take a notice to the officer/the criminal will slip through the system as a passer-by/a moth to the flame/I see your new glasses/shiny and free from all and any scratches and sawdust/I’ve got you in a photo so slowly removing your glasses/a moth to the flame
Track Name: Canal
everywhere I’m shedding a trail/the lights are a signal/our car is a ship on the highway’s canal/my brain is soft yet hard to imagine/I can see ahead with concentration/I followed my heart to the mouth of a river just south of Miami/a man with tattoos gave me a black eye/I followed by brain to the edge of an ocean/I prayed for more rain and read a devotion/dear god give us rain/in your name i pray/amen
Track Name: Never Ready
call me never ready/waiting without shoes next to a telephone/life’s moments go by steady/it only takes a breath and then you’re dead/a century of peaceful seconds ends/I’m on the brink again/without a clue death tightens up the noose/call me when you’re ready and I’ll call you right back
Track Name: Sound Is Deadly
everyone's dancing to a different song and no one's playing music / someone's playing tambourine / someone's playing with the controls / the sound is deadly / and it's got no soul uh-huh
Track Name: Heat Seeker
i am the only one / and i have a holy gun / my wrath is a cannonball / my hate is a heat seeker / i'm mad and choking on rage / i spent my days bleeding for gold / if i lose more there will be nothing left but my corpse in a cold cold grave / i am the only one / see my face and you'll be stunned / touch me and you'll melt like butter / hold me and you won't need that sweater
Track Name: I Can Die / Jobless
i've been helped out and then lied to / the sun sets and ends my day and vision / i was foolish, unimpressive / i lacked confidence and i tried to ignore it / but i don't care what i do / fuck career fuck the school / it's my life i can die or at least i can try
Track Name: Sewing Steel
my art is surgical as I see it / fabric is not clean it can be a bit messy / sewing steel stitches in skin / sewing steel / sharp as a pin / i got mad rhymes to kill sewing steel / the point is my body is electric / i can kick it into gear if i wanna / i'm making you fur and glue / it's not aesthetic fact it's in how the crowd reacts
Track Name: Deaf Ox
I need a new home
I need a microphone
a good hot one to perk up my tone
deaf ox deaf ox deaf ox
so sad you need it
Track Name: The Grey Kid
keep it on the inside with my guts/only my fingers touch/all things must possess so I keep it/baby don’t ask about me/the grey kid can’t explain when depression became an issue/I was young/my old home/my actions/I had fun/a has been/I was young/agility/its my brain’s condition/a chemical imbalance/but I can change it if I try/imagine if a big knife stabbed me/the image doesn’t help me/anyway it’s probably genetic/maybe I left about it/maybe I’ll die without it/I only know if I try to come back again
Track Name: Come Back Clyde
come back clyde boy/we really miss you/my lungs are burning/the cars can’t see you you’re so small/come back mabel/don’t follow clyde/he hasn’t live here for long/he has no instincts to come home
Track Name: Kind Of Criminal
never been caught crying/never found or seen as a weak kid/I walked the slippery slope in rehab/knew bad but did no good/burnt the upscale neighborhood/vets drive suburbans it’s some kind of law/a picture can’t keep it/some muscle to boot/a kind of criminal/built the magic castle into the mythic hustle/my buddies and me every weekend/my secrets were choir so I keep them/never been called Perry/never been called fairy/it’s been a long long life so here’s to the next/a story/a fixture/and millions in gold/a kind of criminal
Track Name: Radio
radio radio scepter in your hand/king of the people and burner of the land/hard as I may listen I can’t understand my radio/radio radio the mold has been destroyed/pain is unbearable but bleeding is ok/the doctor said I’m healthy but he never gave me the physical/vivid oil flows through the funnel/driving A1A/I’m drunk with the pedal to the metal/my folks separate/ radio radio ringing in my ears/i can hear my heartbeat i can taste the tears/jerk around the backstreet/i can't understand my radio/radio radio tell me if I’m wrong/you swore you’d never leave me now I’m turning on/the blender just to listen to different song than the radio/my radio has preset buttons am and fm/my radio station plays soft rock and then rock
Track Name: No Call To Send It
I am calm and I am cool/the cobra the ashcan the fauvist the cubist too/and I can aim from this view/I’m ready to pull it/the trigger is ready too/no call to send it/a steady assassin true/no call to send it/I’m hunting from this view/no call to send it/I am calm and I am cool/my walkie’s reception is static the message is static/my code name is tangled blue/the ice in my veins/the signal has just come through/no call to send it
Track Name: Heir Supply
so strong you’d beat me in a minute/you’re strong and I’m avoiding you/the friction’s on/keep the rhythm steady/before long the drum’s inside of you/this frame is frozen/I’ll remember it forever/my club, the weapon used on me/cut off my supply and beat me till I’m dead/ship me to the old folks home and let me bleed in bed
Track Name: Big and Empty
poison skull wouldn’t keep me away so they took it from me/my skeleton bends and my head is big/my hairs never been cut/I can’t sleep tonight/lightning strikes fear into my big head/I’m not sure about the things I see/I’m not sure what they mean to me/my head’s so big and so empty/I’m not sure about anything/demons are below and the sky is above/I only like the pictures in the book of love/I’m not sure what they mean to me/I’m not sure about anything/blame it all on my big head/my heads so big and so empty
Track Name: Girls Can Touch Without Killing
I thought love was a monster/it scared me to the floor/girls were unreachable islands/I fell to position and the monster devoured me/then I learned a valuable lesson/from Deborah a beautician/girls can touch without killing/even kissing/even here/they’ll be here soon to devour me/they’ll be here soon and change me forever for the better
Track Name: Art Party
i heard what you said to me / and i saw what you did / i may have charted solo / but i was so lonely / so goes the berlin wall so goes the art museum / it may have been a decade / but it felt like a weekend / here comes the silver knife / here comes the bread divine / it's been nice to meet with the elite of my own kind / feels good to be healthy / let's listen to genesis now / let's do some drugs and makeout and go wander around the town / and to the party
Track Name: Wizard of Wor
i am the wizard of wor on the monitor / there is the commodore / your raygun and your backpack / meet me in the kitchen / i got bones and tools and a leather pouch / full of my marbles / the game is over and i am bored and thirsty / let me swig from your pop
Track Name: That God Damn Devil (unreleased demo)
slowly goes till it's gone / short is short till it's long / the smell of a hymnal / a comforting pew / i know i shouldn't swear but i do / that god damn devil / lower the bass crank the treble / holy notes in a song / sounds right but smells wrong / if it's sin then i sinned it and bled all over it / if it's truth then i'm free